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Sunday marked 3 years since the world lost Peter Steele, front man of my favorite band, Type O Negative. It still sucks hard knowing he is gone and that Type O is at an end, but I’m glad to have been lucky enough to see them play so many times over the years. His music always had, and will have, an important and inspiring impact on my life. He is dearly missed.

Type O Negative – Christian Woman (live 2007)


My 100 word story Gremlin was published over at 101 Fiction on April 5th. It was a fun challenge to try to be frightening with so few words. Check it out here.

April is a tough month for me at the full time job. It’s awarding season in the world of financial aid, and that means long hours (8:30am to 1am some days) and lots of exhaustion. I’ve kept up with my writing but it’s been slow going, and not much got finished. A bit demoralizing, but I’m used to this time of year being a whirlwind. Things are finally slowing down. I’m hoping to have a new short story finished by May 1 so I can submit it to Fearful Symmetries. It’s gone through three drafts, but so far is missing the mark too much for my liking. Now that I can focus again, I’m hoping to finally have time to sit down and get this story shining.

In other writing news, I received a very encouraging and detailed rewrite request this week. It’s for a flash story of 1000 words. The notes they gave are all fantastic and I’ve been wracking my brain on how to polish up what I have without going over the flash word limit. It’s a real challenge, but I’m feeling confident that I’ll be able to make it work without turning it into something else all together. If it ends up being accepted I’ll be sure to post about it here.


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