Still here, still writing, but a dad now, too.

me n H

I don’t expect that this site gets much traffic, but if you have happened upon it after reading one of my stories I wanted to make sure there is some sort of recent update here. Since Harrison was born my writing output has slowed, though not stalled. I’m still finishing work, but it is at a pace that is unlikely to fill this page up with frequent ‘I sold a story!’ updates. I have two stories out there now that have been receiving very favorable rejections that I hope will find the right homes eventually, so if that happens I’ll be sure to update. I’ve got to say, though, that this little guy is the best excuse to lose writing time I’ve ever had. He’s an absolute joy and the greatest thing in my life. I’m settling into a parenthood-writing routine, which is challenging considering all the sheer exhaustion being a dad has brought to my life. He’s brought so much more as well, things I can’t find the right words for, and if I ever happen to find them they’ll make the greatest story I’ve ever told.

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