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There’s a fabulous collection of short stories out in the wild now called Shadow Show, edited by Sam Weller and Mort Castle. Several authors were invited to write stories inspired by Ray Bradbury, as well as share a bit about their own experiences with the man himself and his work. The result is one unbelievable story after another. Each story has a unique beating heart, simple yet powerful prose, and calls up that weird little feeling one gets when sitting down to enjoy a Bradbury classic.

Three of the many stories I enjoyed in this collection are:

The Girl in the Funeral Parlor – Sam Weller

By The Silver Water of Lake Champlain – Joe Hill

The Phone Call – John McNally

If you love short fiction, or love the work of Ray Bradbury, pick up a copy of this collection.


I’ve been submitting short fiction regularly, but am still working toward my first published piece. (Which will be exciting, as it will be the first work of fiction I link to on this site). I’m proud of where the work is, but am not unaware of where it’s falling short. The challenge is exciting, and I’ve made some great progress towards where I’d like my writing to go.

I’m in the process of finishing the third draft of my newest short story. It’s in the hands of a few readers, as well as under the microscope of my wife. She’s brutal, but in the best possible way. The story has really taken off in the 2nd and 3rd drafts, thanks to her honest notes, and backbreaking editing. This is the first new story I’ve written that’s made me this confident, and I can’t wait to add it to my growing list of “Submitted Stories.”



5 thoughts on “Shadow Show / Writing & Submitting

    1. (You’re comment was caught in my spam-filter…got to figure out how to make that not catch real comments)
      You’re very welcome! Without spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t read it, the moment just before he leaves the parlor is haunting, heartbreaking, and beautiful all at once.

  1. Glad SHADOW SHOW talks to you.

    Re: Your writing … seems to me like you are approaching this biz in the right way. I cannot give you a timeline, but I can tell you, with your head on right as it is, you will succeed.


    Mort Castle

    1. Mort,
      Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement, and congratulations on the wonderful anthology. It’s been a joy to read.

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