Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp 2017


Just a quick update:


On Friday I’ll be attending the 2017 Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp, hosted and taught by Tom Monteleone as well as other amazing writers, including this year’s special guest instructor, Peter Straub. The Boot Camp takes place, quite literally, up the road from my house, and I feel very lucky that my travel arrangements involve getting dropped off by my wife. The weekend promises to be fun and extremely challenging, and, from what I’ve read from past attendees, immensely rewarding as well.

It took some courage to apply. Since my son was born I’ve found it difficult to prioritize time for myself, for writing and reading, and thought that maybe it wasn’t a good time to do something like this. But really, is there ever a good time for anything? I think a weekend surrounded by like minded writers, passionate about their craft and helping each other succeed, is just what I need.

And I’m feeling ready. Here’s to a great weekend.

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