Tales from the Lake vol. 5 coming early November

Coming early November: Tales from the Lake vol. 5. Includes my short story, “The Boy”. Check out the incredible table of contents below!

Short stories:
• “Always after Three” by Gemma Files
• “In the Family” by Lucy A. Snyder
• “Voices Like Barbed Wire” by Tim Waggoner
• “The Flutter of Silent Wings” by Gene O’Neill
• “Guardian” by Paul Michael Anderson
• “Farewell Valencia” by Craig Wallwork
• “A Dream Most Ancient and Alone” by Allison Pang
• “The Monster Told Me to” by Stephanie M. Wytovich
• “Dead Bodies Don’t Scream” by Michelle Ann King
• “The Boy” by Cory Cone
• “Starve a Fever” by Jonah Buck
• “Umbilicus” by Lucy Taylor
• “Nonpareil” by Laura Blackwell
• “The Midland Hotel” by Marge Simon
• “The Weeds and the Wildness Yet” by Robert Stahl
• “The Color of Loss and Love” by Jason Sizemore
• “The Loudest Silence” by Meghan Arcuri
• “The Followers” by Peter Mark May
• “A Bathtub at the End of the World” by Lane Waldman
• “Twelve by Noon” by Joanna Parypinski
• “Hollow Skulls” by Samuel Marzioli
• “Maggie” by Andi Rawson

• “From the Mouths of Plague-Mongers” by Stephanie M. Wytovich
• “Malign and Chronic Recreation” by Bruce Boston
• “Final Passage” by Bruce Boston

With an introduction by editor Kenneth W. Cain. Cover art by Ben Baldwin. Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing – Tales from The Darkest Depths.

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