Cory Cone was born in Bremerton, WA, raised in Tiverton, RI, and now lives in Baltimore, MD. He found his way to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he met and married his wife. His son was born in June of 2015.

Cory has always had a passive interest in birds, but in 2016 he began take birding a bit more seriously, and blogs a bit about his progress and birding trips.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/corycone

Email: fiction@corycone.com

NOTE: I am moving away from my old email account, coryconefiction@gmail.com. I will be using it for about six more months, in tandem with fiction@corycone.com, and then no longer using it at all.

Background artwork created by Luke Spooner.

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  1. Frank S.
    Frank S. at · Reply

    Are you the same Cory Cone who produced music under the monicker of IncognitoCory?

    If so, do you still produce music?

  2. Aamonorias
    Aamonorias at · Reply

    Hello! I love so much IncognitoCory and looking forward to new albums. Please don’t stop making music!

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